Terms and Conditions (Pharmacist)

  • Will practise in accordance to the ethics and conducts as outlined in the General Pharmaceutical Council

  • Locums are self-employed and therefore responsible for paying their own national insurance and taxes

  • They are not an employee of Optimum Way Agency and hence have no authority to act on behalf of the agency

  • Locums must observe the standard operating procedures and governance as set out by the client at the premises.

  • In the event that a locum cannot make a booking, it is vital that Optimum Way Agency is informed at the earliest opportunity.

  • Where client seeks compensation for non-appearance then this rests with the Locum and not Optimum Way agency

  • The Agency is not responsible for the payment of Locum expenses whatever the circumstances of non-payment including late payments

  • The locum must agree to Inform the Agency of any changes in personal circumstances including the address, work status and fitness to practise (any police disciplinary or GPhC investigations affecting their ability to resume work)

  • Where direct booking occurs between the locum and the client, the client is obliged to inform the agency of any occasion where the locum is employed by the client following the last day they where working through the agency within a period of 18 days

  • Any information passed unto the locum by Optimum Way agency regarding a client is confidential and as a condition of registration they wont pass on any confidential information inclusive of booking times, rates, payment information which is not accessible to the public.

  • Upon request, locums must be able to provide copies of relevant documents necessary to assist the agency that they comply with UK working requirements and regulations

  • Locums must stay up to date regarding continuous professional development

  • In accepting any assignment secured through Optimum Way Agency, the locum is in total

    agreement of the terms and conditions and agrees to abide by them.

  • I also grant Optimum Way Agency permission to submit proof of my professional

    accreditations or share locum details with All pharmacies (unless objected by the locum as to which pharmacies they do not approve of).